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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Set-Apart Femininity: God's Sacred Intent for Every Young Woman by Leslie Ludy

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Summary: To truly be a Christian means accepting God's will and plan for your life, including your sexuality. 

Single? Christian? Don't fear. God has a plan for you. Dress stylishly, but not like a slut. Get out and meet people, but as a way to spread God's Word and Love. Pray for an hour each day.

I've distilled the advice for you and can make it into a pamphlet if you want. Certainly, it doesn't have to be this long.  This book is supposed to provide comfort to college-aged women who are looking for marriage and a life partner.  Drawing on Bible verses and historical accounts of women called to serve Christ, readers are meant to acknowledge that God has a plan for each of us. Pray hard enough, devote your life to serving Christ, and love and marriage will follow if God has decided you should find love and marriage.

While I do have a Jesuit education, having the New Testament dictate my relationship with my husband feels false.  The author makes a big point of changing her name to her husband's after their marriage but doesn't even consider that her husband might also want to make a symbolic gesture showing his commitment.
"Bearing Eric's name meant building my life around my new name."
I think you can love God and be a feminist, but this book doesn't agree.  What do you think?

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