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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

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Summary: Annabel - fertile, lush Annabel - must marry for money, instead of love, yet finds herself falling for the carefree nephew of her aging intended fiancé, who hopes that Annabel will provide him with a heir.

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher.

Ten Things I Love About This Book:

One: It's delightful to read a romance novel and laugh out loud. This book brought back pleasure reading. (Oh, not in that way!)

Two: I've been reading so many depressing books lately and both main characters are such loving, affectionate people despite their trials, that maybe I fell a little in love with them too.

Three: Sebastian Grey is a cheerful, happy hero, despite his insomnia brought on by the war. We know right away that he needs the right woman in his bed, to give him the peaceful sleep he deserves.

Four: Sebastian's insomnia leads to Sebastian becoming a popular novelist, as he writes when he can't sleep. Most people adore the novels of "Mrs. Sarah Gorely", and having a male hero in my romance novel also be the author of romance novels is his time is an enjoyable twist.

Five: Sebastian is a charming rogue, who simply adores women, but not in a leering over-sexualized way that many "reformed rakes" (another common plot) do.
"He looked about ready to chuckle but did not. It was a common expression for him, she realized. He saw humor everywhere. It was a rare gift that, and possibly why everyone liked to be near him."
Six: Annabel's stress about making a match with the repulsive Earl of Newbury while navigating London's social scene is realistic, painful yet humorous.
"There were a thousand ways to make an idiot of oneself, with new opportunities arising every day. It was exhausting trying to avoid them all."
Seven: Annabel knows that she was chosen for her wide hips, her large breasts and the potential to carry many healthy male heirs for the Earl of Newbury. But she doesn't know is that the Earl of Newbury is desperate to have an heir so that his current heir, his nephew Sebastian Grey, will not inherit.

Eight: So when Annabel meets Sebastian, she has no idea how much trouble she is causing, just by both men taking an interest in her.

Nine: This really was a unique plot in terms of how the story unfolded and the problems that the hero and heroine face. Julia Quinn, along with Mary Balogh, is one of my favorite Regency Romance authors.  Quinn writes intricate plots that are complicated by the society in which they live, and they are always delicious and enjoyable, with sometimes surprising, but definitely plausible, endings that could only make sense in that story. 

Ten: I would give and recommend this book to anybody who's hesistant to try a romance novel. It has humor, some angst, love, romance and only a few explicit sex scenes. You like both the hero and the heroine and they will make you laugh. Now, that's a good book.

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