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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sh*t My Dad Says Justin Halpern

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Summary: After he moves back home, a grown son shares his father's comments with the Twitter community.

The actual blog Sh*t My Dad Says is far too vulgar for me, but the book is much better than I expected.

Justin Halpern moves back home with his parents after breaking up with his girlfriend and losing his apartment. His father has now retired and Justin starts posting his dad's comments on his Facebook page.

The book is like a mini-memoir of Justin's, interspersed with his father's quotes. But to me, the quotes only enhanced the story and the character of Sam Halpern, Justin's dad. Sam is a no-nonsense (or no-b*llsh*t) kind of guy with limited patience. In that way, he reminds me of my husband.

Each chapter focuses on a childhood or adult memory of Justin's, with some quotes that make sense in the context and some that are funny for their absurdity. Most stories focus on insecure Justin, but there are both tender and cringe-worthy moments.

Sam Halpern is an old-fashioned guy, who's utterly loyal to his wife, his kids, and his family with a strong sense of work ethic. He's a charmer, too, and a good tipper, which makes me like him more. He says to his son when Justin gets this book deal,
"Maybe I'm not the warmest human being on the f*cking planet, but I love the sh*t out of you."
Surprisingly good, but maybe that's because I had such low expectations.

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