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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Reckoning (Darkest Powers, Book 3) by Kelley Armstrong

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Summary: Specially gifted magical teens finally escape from the lab who genetically modified their powers. 

The Reckoning is the final book in the series that should have a Twilight-like following. Teens with special powers on the run? Hot teen werewolf? Sign me up! Much better written than the Twilight series, too.

I thought I was picking up the first book in this series, but actually I got the third book and jumped right into supernatural action and romance. Chloe is a necromancer with power to not only raise but also summon, and banish, the dead. Her powers have been altered by the Edison Group, a supernatural evil think tank and laboratory that has been harvesting and modifying children of sorcerers (magical males) and witches (magical females).

Chloe and her friends - Derek, a werewolf; Simon, a sorcerer and Derek's foster brother; and Tori, a powerful adept witch - are hiding in the safe house of Andrew, a former member of the Edison Group, who is now working against the unchecked powers of the Edison Group. Chloe and Simon have always been considered a couple, but Chloe is uncannily aware of Derek, even though he scolds her for risking herself. The sexual tension between Derek and Chloe is perfectly balanced, and they do make a good couple, once Simon gracefully bows out of the picture. Once safe, Andrew brings in a few talented adults to help train the teens in their magical skills area.

Chloe is so powerful that she can raise the dead just by thinking about it. Tori only needs to hear a spell and she knows it. Derek has finally made the transition to full werewolf and only Simon's powers are weak. Once the adults who are supposed to be helping them hide from the Edison Group fully comprehend their powers, they change their minds and agree that the teens should be killed, because that much power, uncontrolled, is dangerous.

The teens are dragged back to the Edison Group, where Tori confronts her witch of a mother and Chloe and Simon are about to be sent to a group home for more training and indoctrination. Chloe uses her power to raise the dead and summons a half-demon who helps her destroy the building. In the ensuing final (?) escape from the Edison Group, Tori's mother and the evil Dr. Davidoff are killed. Chloe and her Aunt Lauren, Simon, Simon's father, Derek and Tori escape and regroup to fight.

This was a well-written, fast-paced supernatural young adult novel. It doesn't hurt that Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite authors as well.

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