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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Feed by M.T. Anderson

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Summary: Teens have angst in the future. 

Imagine reading a blog by a 14-year old boy in the future. I was so bored.
“Marty was getting angry that everyone was like turding on his recommendation, and I just wanted them all to shut up somehow, I mean nicely, because suddenly I realized we didn’t really sound too smart. If someone overheard us, like that girl, they might think we were dumb.”
“We wanted to go to sleep by then, but we were on the moon, even if it sucked, and it was spring break, you know, with the action, so there was no way we were admitting we wanted to go to sleep.”

“It was meg big big loud. There was everything there.
There was about a million people it seemed, and light, and the beat was rocking the moon. There was a band hung by their arms and their legs from the ceiling, and there was girders and floating units going up and down, and the meg youch latex ripplechicks dancing on the bar, and there were all these frat guys that were wearing these, unit they were fuckin’ brag, they were wearing these tachyon shorts so you couldn’t barely look at them, which were $789.99 according to the feed, and they were on sale for like $699 at the Zone, and could be shipped to the hotel for an additional $78.95, and that was just one great thing that people were wearing.”

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